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Important: To pay bills for Mid Coast Hospital, go to

Welcome to the CHANS pay on-line system. You can use your VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card to make a payment on your CHANS bill. Payments are made on the Mid Coast–Parkview Health secure server for your protection and privacy.

It's Easy to Pay On-Line

You'll need your CHANS statement account number. Simply enter this number and other information on the form at right, then click "Submit Payment" at bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions About CHANS Pay On-Line
1. Can I make a partial payment?
>>> Yes. Simply enter the amount you'd like to pay in the 'payment amount' of the form. Only this amount will be charged.

2. Can I just mail my payment in?
>>> Yes. You can always make payments by regular mail.

3. Can I view my statement on-line?
>>> No. For privacy and security reasons, medical statements are not available on-line.

4. Will I receive confirmation that my payment has been processed?
>>> Yes. Normally, this will be shown on your next statement. If we are already in the process of printing statements when your payment is received, it will show up on the following statement.

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